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Conclusions and recommendations from the evaluations prepared by the WIB Programme experts

The Experts conducting the substantive evaluation of Funding Applications play one of the key roles in the WIB Programme. The involvement, by the Managing Entity, of a wide range of international Experts, who not only have substantive knowledge, but most importantly have experience and a broad understanding of global research trends, global socio-economic conditions, and international best practices in research management and commercialisation knowledge, is of particular importance to the success of the Program’s objectives. The high requirements, that Łukasiewicz – PORT imposes on the participants of the Calls serve to select research projects of the highest world level and with high implementation potential.

Among the most frequent remarks made by the Experts to the evaluated applications for funding were: too little innovation, lack of competitive advantage and significant disproportion between scientific and business values.

The following are tips to help you prepare and submit a Research Task Funding Application for evaluation, which meets the requirements of the Virtual Research Programme. They have been prepared based on the reviews of the Experts during substantive evaluation of the Applications submitted in the Calls conducted so far:

  • do not set the subject of your research too broadly;
  • prudently formulate your research hypothesis.
  • justify what the innovativeness of the Research Task consists in;
  • introduce your main competitors and demonstrate your competitive advantage;
  • evaluate your chances of achieving success and introducing your research results into clinical practice;
  • describe target market and estimate its size;
  • present your vision and implementation plan;
  • includes risks and present possible ways to mitigate them;
  • make a through analysis of the costs and benefits of developing and implementing the product/service/technology;
  • prudently plan the roles and responsibilities of the Research Team members;
  • match the size of the Research Team to the scale of the project and avoid unnecessary duplication of positions and overlapping of tasks and competencies;
  • demonstrate the experience of the Key Personnel members in commercialisation and cooperation with the business sector;
  • consider whether the workload of the Research Task’s personnel, resulting from, among other things, work on other projects, does not preclude the effective performance of the duties assigned to the Research Task;
  • pay attention to the cost-effectiveness of the planned budget.

 We would like to remind you that the Call for Proposals will be held from October 2 to 13 this year. All necessary details can be found in the Call announcements tab.