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Press Information: Results of Competition

The competition to select Research Teams conducting scientific activities in the form of the Virtual Research Institute in the field of medical biotechnology – oncology is completed. Following the substantive evaluation the application entitled “Horizon for Excellence in messenger RNA applications in immunoOncology” received a recommendation for funding. The budget of the research task is PLN 69,160,450.00. It will be carried out by the scientists from the consortium composed of the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw (unit of the research team leader), the University of Warsaw, the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Medical University of Warsaw.

The primary objective of the research carried out under the leadership of professor Andrzej Dziembowski (leader of the Research Team) is to develop a highly effective therapeutic mRNA design and apply it for cancer immunotherapy. Positive evaluation of the project was primarily due to the high commercialization potential of the expected products of the task. Experts emphasized the great interest of the pharmaceutical industry in mRNA technology, which is currently one of the most innovative development directions in the pharmaceutical industry. The key personnel, whose members have achieved numerous successes in scientific activity and significant achievements in commercialization, were also highly rated. The financing contract is going to be signed at the turn of November and December this year.

The allocation of the competition is PLN 450 million. 12 applications for funding for the amount of PLN 509 million in total were submitted during the call of proposals. The applications were subjected to formal and substantive evaluation based on scientific and economic-social (business) criteria.

The Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development in Wrocław acts as the Managing Entity for the Virtual Research Institute. The substantive evaluation has been conducted by the international experts specializing in issues covered by the projects as well as in commercialization of intellectual property in the fields of medical biotechnology.  

Virtual Research Institute (WIB) is a  program financing research with a high commercialization potential in one of the key areas for society i.e. medical biotechnology – oncology. The Virtual Research Institute was defined by The April 4, 2019 Act on Supporting Scientific Activity From the Polish Science Fund (Journal of Laws of May 6, 2019, item 823). The Minister of Science and Higher Education allocated PLN 450 million for goal of WIB. WIB is dedicated to the most talented polish scientists conducting research activities on the highest world class level – representants of universities as well as of scientific and research institutes.

The Virtual Research Institute program is a tool for distributing funds from the Polish Science Fund. Its aim is to finance the work of selected, internationally competitive research teams, conducting scientific activities with high potential for social and economic applications, under the guidance of a leader of recognized scientific achievements, whose aim is to commercialize its results. The objective of the Research Team is to develop a new technology or group of technologies in accordance with specific procedures and standards necessary for its commercialization and implementation within a maximum of five years from commencing the work.

Łukasiewicz – PORT plans to announce another competition in early 2022.

The call for proposals will be preceded by information activities and workshops for all leaders and institutions interested in participating in the program offering the most demanding, but at the same time the most attractive research funding program with high commercialization potential in Poland.


Link: Ranking list of Applications recommended and not recommended for funding


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